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Make the chat window a part of your website using LiveChat’s customization options. Each part of the chat window can be customized to make it work with the rest of your website’s design.

Chat window

You can choose from four distinct styles when choosing the look for your chat window. After picking a style, you can change the color of the chat window to make it in line with the colors on your website.

Messages and labels

Chat window messages can be adjusted to make them more relevant for you company. For example, you can change the chat window label from the generic ‘Chat with us’ to ‘Schedule a demo’ to let visitors know what’s the purpose of your chat.

Schedule a demo


What a better way to greet international clients than in their own language? The chat window translates into Elle Elle Dress Selling Casual Casual Dress Selling 45 languages, now including right-to-left Arabic and Hebrew. That allows you to greet both domestic and international customers in their native tongue.


With a bit of CSS magic, you can easily change any part of the chat window, both in terms of looks as well as behavior. To get you started, we prepared a bunch of materials on chat window configuration. We’ll also be glad to help!

Social media

Simply add your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ profile address in the settings and your customers will be able to reach your fan page straight from chat.

Agent profiles

Make your customer service more personal by customizing your agents profiles. Apart from changing the name and title for the agent, you can choose his or her profile photo.

There’s a rich, ready-made gallery of photos available. However, you will get the best results by uploading real photos of your agents.

Engagement graphics

Each graphic used for engaging your visitors can be changed to encourage them to start even more chats.


By modifying the eye-catcher, you make sure that your visitors are aware of the chat option on your website.


By uploading a custom greeting graphic for the pop-up chat window, you can create tempting invitations for your customers.

Elle Elle Casual Dress Casual Selling Dress Selling


Finally, the customizable chat buttons give you a chance to make a more passive but still noticeable help offer.

White label
live chat

You can use CSS to hide the small ‘Powered by LiveChat’ message in the chat window to offer a brand-less chatting experience.

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